Solid Brass Plaque - 300 x 200mm

Brass Plaque Mounting Holes

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No Mounting Holes
2 Holes (NZ$5.50)
4 Holes (NZ$11.55)
Brass Plaque Layout

New Layout (NZ$25.00)
Repeat order - No Charge
I will email my layout in Vector Format - No Charge
Brass Plaque Logo

Logo Not Required
New Logo Setup (NZ$25.00)
Use My Existing Logo - No Charge
I will email my logo in Vector Format - No Charge
Brass Plaque Details

I Will Enter My Engraving Below
I Will Email My Engraving
Main Item Price NZ$ 346.50
Optional Item Price NZ$ 25.00
Price for this Configuration NZ$ 371.50
Comments/Engraving in this Box (List common lines once then variable lines after that ie Award/Names. Engraving will be centred and checked by us)


  • Made from 1.5mm solid brass.
  • Other thicknesses available.
  • Any size is possible, include preferred size in the Comments/Engraving Box.
  • Details engraved deep into brass, paint filled, satin finish applied, then lacquer coated to inhibit tarnishing.
  • Prices may vary depending on detail.


We will confirm pricing before we start your plaque.


Vector Artwork

Vector files are made up of lines and curves, not pixels like a photograph. Vector files are great for us to work with and give a high quality result when engraved. Vector formats include PDF & EPS files.


(Note, saving a pixel based image like a photograph as a PDF or EPS does not make it Vector)



  • We will email a proof of the design for your approval before we commence production.
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