Engraved Tack on Shields

  • Buy 2 for NZ$17.00 ea
  • Buy 5 for NZ$15.00 ea
  • Buy 10 for NZ$14.00 ea
Choose your Shield

Tack on Shield 24mm - Gold
Tack on Shield 24mm - Silver
Tack on Shield 26mm - Gold
Tack on Shield 26mm - Silver
Tack on Shield 38mm - Gold
Tack on Shield 38mm - Silver
Tack on Spade Shield 23.5mm - Gold
Tack on Spade Shield 23.5mm - Silver
Tack on Spade Shield 28mm - Gold
Tack on Spade Shield 28mm - Silver
Select Engraving Style

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Shield Engraving Style A
Shield Engraving Style B
Shield Engraving Style C
Shield Engraving Style D
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Main Item Price NZ$ 19.00
Optional Item Price NZ$ 0.00
Price for this Configuration NZ$ 19.00
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  • Tack on Shields are made from metal, then plated gold or silver..
  • Shields come with pins for attaching to your shield.
  • Size is measured using the vertical measurement.
  • Choose your engraving style from the options available.
  • Email a photo if you require us to match your current layout. 
  • Enter your engraving details in the comments area.
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