Die Struck Enamel Badges

After being struck with a die, these badges are filled with enamel paints which flow into the recesses created.  The badge is then heated to seal the colours and provide a lustrous appearance. Die stuck badges are perfect for simple designs of colours that need to be clearly separated. Another option is to apply a clear protective epoxy finish for extra durability. These badges take 4 week to produce. If you would like a quote we need to know the following things:
Quantities: Minimum 30. Increasing the quanitity will decrease the unit price.
Size:  Overall measurements of your design.
Colours: How many paint colours does the design have
Design: It helps if you have an idea of design.  We can tidy it up.  Once you agree with the draft design, we generate a high quality image for you to sign off on.
die struck metal badges lapel selection
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